Guide How To Buy Seafood

04 Apr 2019

  • Fish can be found at most supermarkets. However, the buy large quantities in order to avoid daily shipments. If you want to be certain you'll buy fresh fish, independent retail markets buys fish on a daily basis.
  • To maintain quality of frozen products, pick them up at the end of your shopping and store them in the coldest place of your refrigerator
  • Choose wild fish because it grows in the wild, without being grown in crowded areas or exposed to harmful chemicals.
  • When buying fillet, be sure it has a clean and bright appearance. The surface should be smooth, without any gaps or holes.
  • Ask before you buy – find out where the fish came from and how fresh is it
  • For fillet, avoid those that have signs of browning or drying around the edges.
  • Look for fish caught with long-lone, which means that they have been handled individually.
  • Fresh fish has bright and protruding eyes, that are very clear and not dull or sunken ones.
  • The skin of fresh fish is oily and shiny, the gills pinkish red and the flesh elastic.
  • The odor of fresh fish is oceanic like, fresh and mild. Avoid the distinct fishy smell.
  • If you're buying fillets and steaks, choose the ones that have cuts without discoloration.
  • For frozen fish in a package, be sure the wrapper is intact and there are no ice crystals, discoloration or visible blood.
  • If you want to store fish, wrap it tightly in plastic foil so that the air is eliminated completely.
  • You could buy seafood not only on supermarkets or local markets but also at online gourmet food store with good reputation such as Marky's or Zabars, very often they give week discounts on their products.

Published on 04 Apr 2019